TTL 2001

TTL Background*

Over the past several years Governor William J. Janklow has initiated an aggressive program to bring the benefits of technology, especially telecommunications technology, to South Dakota schools in order to enhance educational opportunities for students in the state.  These efforts have included the innovative "Wiring The Schools" (WTS) project.  This project has resulted in South Dakota's undisputed national leadership as the state with most completely wired schools. 

Perhaps the most visionary aspect of Governor Janklow's initiatives is his attention to providing educators with the training needed to use technology as an effective teaching and learning tool.  In 1997, the Governor initiated the first Technology for Teaching and Learning (TTL) Academy.  This very successful staff development academy provides teachers with skills and knowledge that enable them to create new and more engaged learning environments for their students through the integration of technology into curriculum.  Academy graduates become part of a growing networked cadre of teachers who have become technology integration mentors to colleagues within their local districts and who act as effective community-wide advocates for the integration of technology into classrooms.

*quoted sections of the TTL Academy manual--2001

In this month-long class, TTL participants learn and work with several programs in the Microsoft Office program:  Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and FrontPage.  Teachers are instructed in proper usage of scanners and digital cameras as well.  Part of the assigned work also includes a Unit of Practice in each teacher's individual area.  Teachers are encouraged to use the skills learned at this Academy in their regular classroom work.  Most Units of Practice incorporate these skills by the teacher and/or students during the regular school year.  Another aspect of TTL is engaged learning--getting students excited about learning on their own!  The old style of teaching with the teacher being the distributor of knowledge is no longer the way students learn best.  When they discover on their own, they are motivated to learn more!

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                            Word Project


PowerPoint Project

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Excel Project

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FrontPage Project

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Unit of Practice

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